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Welcome and thank you for making Yanagi Sushi the No.1 sushi restaurant in Hawaii.

  • Customers keep coming back to Yanagi Sushi for the freshest local neta (ingredients), variety of menu and the at-home-atmosphere. Since 1978, Yanagi Sushi has been serving locals and visitors from around the world with the highest quality Japanese food in town.
  • The menu consists of traditional style sushi using local fish such as Ahi (Tuna) and many other fresh fish. Also included are fusion type sushi and cuisine.
  • Owner-chef Haruo Nakayama, received formal sushi-chef training in Tokyo, Japan. He is known to be the man who never compromises the freshness of the neta for the sushi he makes. He and other chefs await your patronage at the restaurant where from one customer to a group of 30 people can comfortably dine. Reservations are highly recommended.
  • There are more than 400 photos on the walls of famous athletes, actors, and actresses who are among the loyal customers who keep coming back!


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